The Peach

I know that John 12:24 (“Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”) has been used to describe our situation. But I don’t see us a grain of wheat. I see us as a peach. Why a peach? Do you know […]

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Cultivating Everyday Eden

Gardens. The thought of it just sort of turns me off from the romantic idea of fresh, homegrown produce. The hard work of putting in and maintaining a garden is supposedly worthwhile, but who has the time for keeping up with all that…work? Tilling up hard soil, dropping seeds and keeping them watered and in […]

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Gospel Giving

The last intentional posture of our six month emphasis is Gospel Giving. Money is not evil, though can be a root of all kinds of evil. That said, money is obviously a spiritual issue. It’s also one that makes many nervous. When the church begins to talk about money, people begin to castigate church leadership […]

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Gospel Changing

Intentional posture #5 is about heart surgery. Luckily we do not have to be the patient and surgeon. We only need to be good patients. We  have to be honest with ourselves about ourselves. There is nothing honorable about hiding symptoms from your cardiologist, and the same applies spiritually. The truth is, none of us have […]

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Gospel Engaging

Take a moment and think about this fact: Apart from Jesus Christ we are as good as dead. Our living is without purpose and without hope and is never removed from the weight of snowballing guilt. That’s death. And if that sort of living weren’t enough, it ends in an eternal existence removed from any […]

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Gospel Inviting

Our 3rd intentional posture isn’t quite as simplistic as might seem. We are happy (hopefully) to invite people to be a part of our Sunday gatherings. We have all (surely) been inviting people to gather with us. But over the next six months, we have accepted the challenge to really invite people to worship with […]

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Gospel Praying

The second intentional posture we will commit to between September and March is Gospel Praying. This is not opposed to intercession or even those desperate, “in the moment” prayers when desperation necessitates a sudden  “HELP!” By Gospel Praying, however, we intend to put in place a Gospel-centered, daily discipline. We will strive to commit 20 […]

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Gospel Reading

The first of our 6 intentional postures is Gospel Reading. By attaching “Gospel” to each of these postures we have a lens to give us focus. We are not just into reading. We love God’s word and are committed to remaining rooted in this sacred literature of ours. Yet, we are not after information but […]

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