Changing for Heaven’s Sake

These are exciting days. There are exciting things happening at the corner of Gravois and Mackenzie. We are changing for heaven’s sake! Actually, that’s not exactly accurate. The things we are experiencing and believe will increase are not of our own doing. We do not possess enough grit and determination and wisdom to be responsible for these changes. This is only something God can accomplish. But all of this was born out of a desire to be changed. What a brave, bold desire born of humility and passion. To be changed for–literally–heaven’s sake.

Change has only begun, but to feel the joy of journeying together is invigorating. We may be a little anxious, but we are not fearful. For the time being the days ahead may seem a little nebulous, but resting in our faith and hope of God’s desire when his people are surrendered to him we hold great anticipation of what the future will find.

Things are changing, and that’s a good thing! This is a great time to get into this journey. This is the time to join the excitement.

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