What in the world is “2SIXSIX” all about? Is it some cryptic rendering of a scripture reference? Is it a math problem? What does it mean? Why not TWO66, or 2SIX6? Here is a quick description of our “2SIXSIX” endeavor–our focus beginning September. It is merely a simple apparatus to rally around, a goal to work toward, and the means by which we believe the goal might become reality.


The “2” stands for numerical goal. Now, this could be tricky lest we believe our real goal or purpose is shallow and focused on worldly standards. It is more than that, yet we have set a numerical benchmark to reveal that our aims really are outward. The “2” refers to 2%–2% of our little part of St. Louis called Affton. We are not a separate town but part of this city–a “Census Designated Place”–with invisible boundaries that set apart about 20,000 people. We feel a responsibility to all people, but as we begin a process of change we have determined to have real “presence” right here. Yes, 2% doesn’t sound like much, but we are striving to become so intertwined in the fabric of our community that 2% of Affton’s 20,000 in worship on our campus this Easter (March 27, 2016) seems an absolutely realistic goal.

The first “SIX” is that measurable timeline. Our transition to a new church plant begins September 2015 and will launch in March 2016. That’s “SIX months to launch.” So, about 400 folks from our community in worship for Easter in SIX months.

But here’s the deal, the point–the real goal–isn’t a big crowd. It’s transformation. We believe nothing will change unless our hearts are changed. We believe this goal can only be reached via God’s working in us for his glory, not through self-determination or ingenuity. While the “2” has to do with a measurable goal and the first “SIX” the timeline, the second “SIX” has to do with our hearts.

The second “SIX” are 6 intentional postures for dying to self and surrendering to Christ and the Spirit’s filling and empowerment. Now, this is where it gets tricky. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where our comforts and self-interests are sacrificed. This is where change happens.

Here are the “SIX” postures, each to be discussed in following posts. Each are to be viewed through the lens of the gospel and the unchanging promises of God. Each are easy but difficult, light but weighty, simple but deep. The real miracle is not having 400 people join us on Easter. The real miracle is the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. When that happens…who knows what we might experience!







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