Gospel Reading

The first of our 6 intentional postures is Gospel Reading. By attaching “Gospel” to each of these postures we have a lens to give us focus. We are not just into reading. We love God’s word and are committed to remaining rooted in this sacred literature of ours. Yet, we are not after information but rather transformation. The Gospel reminds us of just how lost we were and how saved we really are–undeservedly so–by God’s loving grace. The truth of salvation changes the way we pursue the Lord. We read his word with great anticipation for the ways God will challenge us and convict us.reading_trans_mono

For the next 6 months we are committed to reading through the Gospels once a month. Now, let’s delineate “Gospel” and “Gospels” as they are here intended. “Gospel” is a lens to focus how we will proceed in each of these postures. In this first posture–Gospel Reading–we will read in a way that is always mindful of what God has done despite us and consequently what he wants to do in us according to his word.

By reading through the Gospels, we are taking an intentional posture to learn from Jesus. We want to walk with Jesus and listen to Jesus and think about Jesus. All the Bible is authoritative and infallible in guiding us to know God. For these 6 months, however, we are striving to learn from Jesus that we might live for Jesus the way he has taught us via his own example.

One question to keep in front of our thinking as we read the Gospels over and over these next 6 months is, “In what way was Jesus sent?” The center of our pursuit these next 6 months is to live out the sort of “sentness” Jesus intended when he said, “As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.” We need to learn the way in which Jesus was sent that we might live out his kind of sentness.

Think about what God might do as we spend 6 months–together–simply looking at and learning Jesus with the intention of becoming more like him. These will be exciting days, indeed! Commit yourself to this intentional posture: Gospel Reading.

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