Gospel Praying

The second intentional posture we will commit to between September and March is Gospel Praying. This is not opposed to intercession or even those desperate, “in the moment” prayers when desperation necessitates a sudden  “HELP!” By Gospel Praying, however, we intend to put in place a Gospel-centered, daily discipline. We will strive to commit 20 minutes each day for these 6 months to this sort of praying.

By “Gospel Praying” we intend to spend significant time each day in a posture of humility and gratitude as we reflect what God has done in Christ for his own glory. We intend to spend time in repentance, burdened by the need of our own continuing spiritual transformation. We intend to spend disciplined time praying on behalf of the lost, that they, too, might have hearts undeservedly quickened by the Spirit. Twenty minutes a day for 6 months.

Prayer is not a tool for backing God into a corner and manipulating him to do what we want him to do. Prayer is a means by which God plows deep in our own heart and leads us in his own way. We are on a journey of change; unless our hearts change, however, nothing changes.