Gospel Engaging

Take a moment and think about this fact: Apart from Jesus Christ we are as good as dead. Our living is without purpose and without hope and is never removed from the weight of snowballing guilt. That’s death. And if that sort of living weren’t enough, it ends in an eternal existence removed from any possibility of resolution.

If you have placed all your hope in Christ and have found the only eternal resolution in him, it’s important to remember just how lost you once were. If you can recall how lost and hopeless you were, then you are able to celebrate deeply just how saved you are now. That emotion of gratitude and joy through Christ’s humility and sacrifice is at the heart of this 4th intentional posture, “Gospel Engaging.”

This posture, for some reason, is so foreign today it almost makes the church unrecognizable. At least in comparison to biblical faith, today’s seeming “faith community” struggles to emulate like practices. “Practices” is an unfortunate word choice because these are not contrived ideas we have dreamed up. What we are to employ is our commission. Jesus said it: “As the father sent me,  so I send you.” We are sent out ones. We do not have a mission; God’s mission has a church and the church has a commission–Gospel engagement.

What sprouts from gratitude for how undeservedly saved we are is not a commitment to more days a week spent at a church building (we do not have resurrected a temple system). The fruit of salvation is emulation of Christ’s own humility and sacrifice. His humility and sacrifice is played out in relationships that lead toward a Gospel witness.

“Gospel Engaging” is our intentional commitment to cultivate, through humility and sacrifice, at least 6 redemptive relationships with unbelievers. If we strive toward this–all of us–just think of what sweeping transformation God might initiate in lives, in homes, and across our community!

For heaven’s sake, let’s make every effort to engage people with the Good News!