Gospel Giving

The last intentional posture of our six month emphasis is Gospel Giving. Money is not evil, though can be a root of all kinds of evil. That said, money is obviously a spiritual issue. It’s also one that makes many nervous. When the church begins to talk about money, people begin to castigate church leadership as thieves. Unfortunately, sometimes they are right. Sometimes, though, people get up in arms when the church talks about money simply because it is a spiritual issue, one that can be easily spiritualized so as to deflect the unspiritual reality of our stewardship.

giving_trans_monoThis specific posture isn’t about tithing (the 10%, Old Testament temple tax). This isn’t about having more money in the church’s coffers, and we have many layers of accountability to ensure integrity. This is about the Lord having more of your heart. This is about sacrifice and stewardship and personal transformation. For the next 6 months we have been challenged to Gospel Giving, giving above and beyond in view of what God has done for us and in us and doing through us even now. This intentional posture is to give 2% of our income beyond what we already give. For 6 months.

You’re right, God doesn’t need your money. God does demand your heart. And yet, as we set our sights on what God is going to do on our little corner of St. Louis, we have great anticipation of how God will use us to the four corners of the earth. As we give God all of our hearts while also getting our arms around Affton, the transformation in us will be a transformation of our community. And the whole world has come to Affton! Literally! May the Gospel pour out from our little corner to the four corners of all nations!

Give. Give joyfully. Give sacrificially. Give, not just your money but all of you. As Jesus took the five loaves and two fish and multiplied them, may he do so in and through us for his glory. Soli deo gloria.