The Peach

peachI know that John 12:24 (“Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”) has been used to describe our situation. But I don’t see us a grain of wheat. I see us as a peach.

Why a peach? Do you know what the purpose of a peach is (besides flavoring our tea, lemon aide, and tasting delicious)? The purpose of a peach is to prepare the soil for the seed within.

Think about it, once the peach falls from the tree, it has died. It has been severed from the tree that gave it life. But it’s life is only half over.

As the peach begins to decay, the nectar seeps into the ground adding moisture and nutrients into the soil. As the flesh of the peach decays, more nutrients are added and the fibrous materiel that holds the peach together is worked into the soil. This loosens the soil and makes it easier for the new roots that are soon to follow.

When the seed finally reaches the soil, it finds the soil prepared for it’s arrival. But the peach is still not finished. As the seed splits, the tender roots dig into the loosened soil and the stalk reaches for the sun. The remains of the peach continues to decay, providing further nutrients that help the new tree.

The new tree grows slowly at first, not producing any fruit for the first two years. When if finally starts bearing fruit, it bears very few. Once the tree reaches maturity, it is then capable of producing 200-300 peaches each year–so many peaches that the branches bow under the burden.

Imagine, if you will, each peach representing a new soul brought to Christ. What a miracle it would be to see 200-300 people saved each year. Remember each one of those “peaches” has the ability to become it’s own tree with another 200-300 new Christians each year.

It’s an awe inspiring and daunting thought at the same time. Remember Matthew 19:26, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

We are a peach. Let’s make a tree.

(By Jim Kopp, member FBC Affton)