Change is Good

We are a church changing for heaven’s sake. We are a gathering of believers who love the city enough to do whatever it takes to convey Christ’s love and his message in clear, consistent, and tangible ways. Everything here is changing, and yet one thing never will change: God is holy and perfect, but humanity is sinful and separated from him. We cannot earn our way, think our way, or buy our way to God, yet he provided the means through which we might know him and find peace and hope. Jesus is the only Way, Truth, and Life. The gospel never changes.

Everything is changing for us. We will celebrate the 75th year of First Baptist Church of Affton in September 2016, and at the same time celebrate the final year of FBC Affton. Next year we will celebrate the 1st year of a new Gospel outpost in St. Louis. Why don’t you come join us on this exciting adventure for heaven’s sake?

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