Launching Pad

Something new is coming! A process of preparation has begun. We are preparing to launch a brand new church in St. Louis at the corner of Gravois and Mackenzie. Our sights are set to launch in March of 2016.

For many years–75 to be exact–First Baptist Church of Affton met on this campus. The time has come, now, for something new to begin–for Christ, for the gospel, for the city, and for the future.

What will be the name of this church? We’re working on that, but it will be mission-centric.

What is their vision and strategy? We’re wordsmithing the language, but we will be mission-centric in every facet.

What will their structure be like? We’re tweaking the status quo, but it will be mission-centric.

What will their programming look like? We’ve already begun to hone this, but in the end it will be all about the mission.

What will their music sound like? We’re moving towards something completely…you guessed it.

These are exciting days. We are on an adventure for heaven’s sake! Come be a part of history and help us become mission-centric. (And in case you’re wondering, we consider “mission-centric” to mean being completely preoccupied as his missionaries where we live, work, and play.