Gospel Inviting

Our 3rd intentional posture isn’t quite as simplistic as might seem. We are happy (hopefully) to invite people to be a part of our Sunday gatherings. We have all (surely) been inviting people to gather with us. But over the next six months, we have accepted the challenge to really invite people to worship with […]

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Gospel Praying

The second intentional posture we will commit to between September and March is Gospel Praying. This is not opposed to intercession or even those desperate, “in the moment” prayers when desperation necessitates a sudden  “HELP!” By Gospel Praying, however, we intend to put in place a Gospel-centered, daily discipline. We will strive to commit 20 […]

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Gospel Reading

The first of our 6 intentional postures is Gospel Reading. By attaching “Gospel” to each of these postures we have a lens to give us focus. We are not just into reading. We love God’s word and are committed to remaining rooted in this sacred literature of ours. Yet, we are not after information but […]

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What in the world is “2SIXSIX” all about? Is it some cryptic rendering of a scripture reference? Is it a math problem? What does it mean? Why not TWO66, or 2SIX6? Here is a quick description of our “2SIXSIX” endeavor–our focus beginning September. It is merely a simple apparatus to rally around, a goal to […]

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Changing for Heaven’s Sake

These are exciting days. There are exciting things happening at the corner of Gravois and Mackenzie. We are changing for heaven’s sake! Actually, that’s not exactly accurate. The things we are experiencing and believe will increase are not of our own doing. We do not possess enough grit and determination and wisdom to be responsible […]

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